Feb 5, 2014

Base Cabinets: Where Storage Meets Style

When choosing cabinet styles, perhaps the most difficult thing to take into consideration is storage space. Not just enough storage space, but storage space that won’t compromise the overall look of your kitchen space. We have the perfect solution; base cabinets. In this article, we will explain why base cabinets are the perfect balance of style and storage.

What Are Base Cabinets?

Base cabinets are no new craze; in fact, they are prominent in almost every household. Any cabinet type that is designed to be installed directly on the floor is a base cabinet. They typically 24 inches deep and around 34 inches high so they can accommodate a countertop space roughly 36 inches off of the ground. They are engineered this way so they can perform many functions such as, obviously, holding up the kitchen counters, supporting the sink, and acting as a base for a wall oven. Another cool thing base cabinets are used for are creating an island when combined together. Base cabinets are, as the name suggests, the base, the foundation for your kitchen and actually lay out the basic floor plan for your kitchen. This is what separates base cabinets from floating cabinets, as floating cabinets protrude from the walls and ceiling.

Why Base Cabinets?

Base cabinets provide multiple benefits to you and your family. First off, they are affordable and space saving; perfect for those with smaller kitchen space and smaller budgets. When you add additions such as organizers into base cabinets you add even more storage space that promotes organization as well. You may have seen the hidden extra storage before, but in case you haven’t, here’s a list of typical base cabinet additions:

  • Roll Trays – roll trays allow access to items stored in base cabinets without straining the body, you bring the items to you rather than bending over to reach them.
  • Cutting Boards – these are excellent additions to base cabinetry, this is either a storage space for a cutting board you already have, or, an additional one is provided as part of the addition. This is a HUGE counter space saver!
  • Lazy Susan – this is perhaps the most popular extra in base cabinetry; lazy susans are great additions to corner cabinets or other odd spaces where standard base cabinetry makes storage difficult.
  • Pull Out Trashcans – this is another popular feature, usually this feature is below the sink, saving floor space and providing easy storage for your trash can.
  • Spice Drawer Cabinets – these are usually set up on either side of your appliances, especially the oven/stove; these cabinet additions make excellent storage for spices (obviously) and other kitchen utensils that don’t really have a proper storage spot in your kitchen.

In order for these cabinets to really set the foundation for your home, you must make sure they are properly installed. Make sure to take precise measurements and determine the weight the cabinets and countertops can/will bear. Of course you must make sure they are level and see how square they are in relation to the other kitchen appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers. Doing this properly actually sets the floor plan for the rest of your kitchen. If you are unsure of your ability to install your cabinets, make sure to call in a professional to get the job done for you.