Jan 3, 2014

Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Spacious

Remodeling a small bathroom isn't always an easy task - especially when the feeling of spaciousness is what you're going for. But here are some quick tips to help open up the space, making your small bathroom feel bigger.

Emphasized Dimensions

One of the easiest ways to increase a small room's spaciousness is by emphasizing dimensions. For example, the emphasized depth and height in this powder room makes up for the lack of width. The tile inlay and millwork is used to create continuous horizontal lines, creating the illusion of depth. Also, pairing a darker colored flooring with a lighter wall color, brings height to the space.

Make more Storage

You need a place to put stuff, so why not create a recessed niche? The glass shelves and additional light really help open up the space too.

Tip: Transfer toiletries to pretty bottles or decorative boxes to reduce clutter and amp up the style!
Here's a brilliant example of a niche coming to the rescue! Since the door opens onto the only wall available to hang a towel rack, the designer created a niche and built the towel racks into the wall.

The 'Ol Mirror Trick + Raising it Up

The easiest way to make any space feel bigger is by hanging a mirror… or two! Also, a raised vanity on legs lets the floor sweep underneath, giving an airy aesthetic to the room.

Go Frameless

Another trick to making a small bathroom feel spacious is by installing a frameless shower door. Not only do the clean lines add a modern touch, but the lack of frame opens the area up.

Tip: Installing recessed ceiling fixtures helps add height to the room.

When Push Comes to Shove

Last but not least, using a pocket or barn door (instead of a hinged door) gives a small area more usable space. If you can find a pocket door made from a translucent material, the added light will also help open up the room.

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