Jan 27, 2014

The 8 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Besides appliances, cabinets are often the first thing people notice in kitchens. Therefore, choosing the perfect cabinet means they not only have to be functional, but attractive and stylish as well. Plus, your choice of kitchen cabinet style can make or break your design. Below are the 8 most popular cabinet styles, what features they include and which kitchen styles or themes they work best with.


Shaker cabinets are by far the most popular and versatile style choice. Featuring a 5-piece flat-panel style, simple, clean lines and a variety of wood species, stains, colors and hardware, shaker cabinets can really fit any décor. But, they work best in antique, contemporary, modern or traditional style kitchens. They allow for the most optimization for you to make the cabinets completely fit your color scheme, never sacrificing their emphasis on utility. Shaker cabinets are extremely cost effective, one of the less expensive styles on the market, a lot of the time, using a natural finish instead of paint can save you 20% on your purchase.


Louvered cabinets look kind of like window shutters with their horizontal slats, but can be a great look in the kitchen too! These cabinets add a very distinct architectural style and go great with an Asian style (in solid black or white), traditional or transitional style kitchen. They also work well for storage areas that require ventilation (such as a pantry). The only downside to this option is that they can be rather expensive.

Flat Panel

Flat cabinets are simple yet stylish with hard lines and minimalist form. These cabinets are completely lacking expensive details and being available in laminate, this style may be the cheapest cabinet choice to make. Flat cabinets are also available in a variety of wood options and colors, but only when you choose laminate cabinets. Since laminate can peel and crack, they may not be the longest lasting but these cabinets are an easy fix and an easy clean complete with utility. Flat cabinets can work in many different kitchen styles due to their simplistic design; however, they might look super great if your kitchen style is arts & crafts style, Asian themed in some cases, they are perfect in contemporary or modern kitchens, or even traditional/transitional.


Inset cabinets are a classic style, although the most expensive option. It is called 'inset' because the door is actually set inside the cabinet frame rather than outside of the frame as cabinets usually do. They are designed and constructed with precise measurements so it can nest inside the frame and usually requires exposed hinges. As you can see, these sleek cabinets come in a variety of colors, styles, and wood finishes. Since they are so specially designed, these cabinets are an extremely durable option. Inset cabinets look great in luxury kitchens as well as transitional and even on occasion traditional style kitchens.


Believe it or not, distressed cabinets don't just look this way naturally. This cabinet option can be costly since they must be destroyed before they are installed to give this look to them; usually a 15 – 20% up charge is added to your purchase in order for a tradesperson to destroy them. However, by doing this, the cabinets alone can give your kitchen a very rustic look and even though you may have just bought them, they'll look like they've been installed for hundreds of years. Distressed cabinets will look great in any vintage or antique style kitchen. Also, they will complete the look of your kitchen if you are going for an early American or rustic/antique European look. Think Italy!


Beadboard was used as a decorative wall treatment way before using plaster, drywall and paint was customary. This cabinet style is designed to look just like that material and can be a very classy look. Beadboard in white (as shown above) can in fact brighten and open up your kitchen, giving it a homier feel. The down side to this style is that the cracks and crevasses in the doors can be a pain to keep clean, so these cabinets require a lot of cleaning maintenance perhaps without heavy kitchen traffic. This style is practically made for a cottage/country style kitchen and looks fabulous with that décor. However, you can also brighten the look of a vintage or contemporary kitchen with these cabinets.


Thermofoil is molded out of medium-density fiberboard or MDF, wrapped in a plastic coating and then baked at extreme temperatures to create an impervious seal. This manufacturing process makes thermofoil the most durable cabinet door option on the market; which consequently makes it the most popular choice. They are also extremely cost effective, a cheaper choice over most other options on the market and providing more bang for your buck. Thermofoil cabinets are, however, not the most versatile option in terms of color; they only are available in solid colors and imitation wood grains. The downside is that any damage to these cabinets can be extremely difficult to repair and lighter colored cabinets in thermofoil can yellow from sunlight and heat over time making them the option possibly with the shortest life span. Thermofoil cabinets work great in heavy duty kitchens and are perfect for gourmet style (chef's style) kitchens and luxurious kitchens as well as traditional and transitional kitchens because of their simplicity.


Can't find a door style on the market that really complements your unique design intention? Design your own or mix and match! Work around your personal budget, color scheme and style customizing your own cabinetry. Contact All Teriors today to help you create a personalized design, just for you and your family.

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