Dec 11, 2013

Tile that Looks like Hardwood

Until recently, you probably only dreamed of having hardwood flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, for fear of water damage was just too great. So your only option was installing an alternate vinyl or tile surface that could live up to the environment (but probably didn't satisfy your taste). Well say hello to one of the biggest trends in flooring right now - porcelain or ceramic tile that looks like wood. 

This new flooring option not only offers the warmth and beauty of natural hardwood, but: 
  • Isn't susceptible to chips, nicks and scratches 
  • Won't expand or crack in wet environments
  • Is super-easy to clean and maintain
  • Stays cooler during the summer months (important for those in warm climates)

Another benefit of wood tiles is that you can make the "planks" as wide or as long as you want, without paying out the wazoo for the equivalent style in wood. Best of all, thanks to modern technology, there are more styles and sizes to choose from than ever before.