Nov 20, 2013

Saxony Carpeting

While hardwood flooring and custom floor tiles are all the rage right now, many homeowners still prefer the look and feel of carpet in their homes, or in the bedrooms at the very least. Choosing new carpeting is no easy task, however. There are a number of different styles, textures, colors… settling on one can take a long time. Fortunately, we offer a vast variety of all different kinds of carpets, including the most popular styles that many homeowners often opt for, like saxony carpeting.

 Saxony carpet is what most homeowners might picture when they think of carpeting, and for good reason. It’s a popular carpet choice that people like to have in their homes because it’s not too plush or to short and there’s a large amount of variety within the style itself. 

Standard Saxony Carpeting

You can typically recognize saxony carpeting by noticing a change in appearance when your hand over the fibers. Similar to the way velvet changes when you touch it, the fibers in saxony carpets all face the same way until disturbed. And just like velvet, this style of carpet is considered quite luxurious.

A standard saxony carpet is great for rooms that aren’t used too often, like formal living rooms and dining rooms. Because you can see every footprint and vacuum stroke, it’s less desirable in a family living room and areas that get a lot of traffic. For these rooms, we’d recommend textured saxony carpet.

Textured Saxony Carpeting

Textured saxony carpet has become more popular over recent years due to its ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic throughout the years. It’s been nicknamed ‘trackless carpeting’ because unlike the velvety fibers that bend to the touch in a standard saxony, its textured sibling isn’t as silky. It therefore doesn’t reflect light or change appearance very much when touched, making it hard to tell if someone has been walking on it. 

The durability of this type of saxony comes from the fact that the fibers in the carpet are twisted and kinked in different directions. This makes the carpet denser and able to stand up to heavily trafficked areas in your home, like hallways and bedrooms. 

Whether you go for a standard, textured or combination of styles for your home, saxony is never out of style. It is a classic look that can work well for both formal and casual settings and will last in your home for years.

If you’re interested in what Saxony carpeting can offer your home and your family, stop by our showroom in Tempe and see what we have in stock! We also offer carpet samples in a multitude of colors that you can take home to see how it will look in your room.

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